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Tanit Phoenix - IGN

This is a video I shot for IGN featuring the gorgeous Tanit Phoenix.
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Music Video - SAFE

I directed the music video for the song "Safe" by Cameron Dobb. The music video has a cinematic look and follows a short story inspired by Cameron's song and lyrics.
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Food Photography

Food photos shot for a multitude of restaurants. Pick your one on of the two flavours:
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Fashion Photography

A sexy twist to the day of the dead theme set by make-up artist Octavio.
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GoodHouseKeeping Vol. 4

This nightlife event promotion video captures the energy of a packed nightclub and a great event put together by Elevate Entertainment.
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February 15, 20122 years ago

San Diego Zoo Global PSA is airing on national TV in US reaching 412 M impressions

A PSA I directed for San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) is now airing on over 140 networks in the US and has already reached 412 million impressions as part of SDZG's $4 million media campaign. Read more
December 30, 20112 years ago

"Fruitanthrophy" wins 1st place in Lenovo's contest

In a video contest by Lenovo that was asking for "stories of doers", the one minute version of a short documentary I shot won the first place. In this short piece Food Forward's founder Rick Nahmias tells tells us the inspiring story of how him and all the other volunteers are building community and fighting hunger by Read More & Watch the Video
July 20, 20113 years ago

2nd Place Win at Mofilm Poland 2011

Another commercial I directed, shot and edited won the 2nd place in a competition that has been hailed by MoFilm to have one of the highest quality of submissions amongst all their contests to date. The brief had a really interesting concept and introduced a challenging premise. Read More