Sphere of Angels – Sovereign/Santander (Spec)

Commercials, Moving Images
About This Project

Commissioned by Sovereign, inspired by films like Adjustment Bureau and City of Angels here is a different take on a rewards card commercial.


Sovereign/Santander bank was looking for videos to promote their new rewards credit card “Sphere” while conveying the message that the cardholder’s good deeds return to him/her with reward points, and tying it up to the tagline “What Comes Around Goes Around”.

Traditionally, reward card commercials show people getting additional rewards for already self-rewarding activities such as buying oneself clothing, accessories etc. On the other hand, if we were to look at our credit card statements we could easily see that we make a lot of purchases for other without even realizing it, groceries for the family, gift for a loved one etc. So in this commercial I portrayed a character whose purchases benefit other and gets rewarded in exchange. The nature of the men in the suits is quite ambiguous to keep the audience guessing until the reveal in the end meanwhile we hint to their relationship with the purchases as their numbers increase with each purchase.

Music: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)